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2010 One Lap – In Car Hot Laps at Gateway International Raceway

May 5, 2010

Here’s a nice treat. Looks like the boys scored a camera mount for the Gateway race.

I believe this is Greg in the Mustang doing the warm up lap and then all 3 hot laps. This one is a bit lengthy, but it’s a good view.

Total Miles traveled when they got to Gateway: About 1741 (in 5 days.)

Leaving Gateway

May 4, 2010

We had a good day, we finished 29th and 39th and moved up to 40th overall. One of our class competitors was unable to complete both their sessions today, and may be out for good. Which is really too bad because they are great competitors. Although, it will open the door for us to move in to 3rd in class. I will be uploading pictures and videos tonight when we arrive in Ohio at about 10:30PM.

2010 One Lap – Tulsa Fill Up

May 4, 2010

This is the guys filling up the 2011 Mustang in Tulsa, OK. This is the fuel stop between Tulsa Raceway Park and Gateway International Raceway. Total Miles to Tulsa Raceway Park: about 1348

From a track standpoint Gateway International Raceway in St. Louis is the halfway point!

There is a bit of a surprise at the end of this video clip that I’m sure the competition will enjoy…lol. Greg has been working on it since Friday. I’m honestly surprised that it took him this log. 😀